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-International communication between Germany and Spain
This is crazy architecture...

Welcome to the homepage of the advanced English course of the 13th grade, Friedrich-Gymnasium, Luckenwalde

In April 2007 we started the e-twinning project by getting in contact with a Spanish class of the Institut Montserrat in Barcelona. Our main topic was art, especially architecture what we prepared very carefully with the help of the Spanish students, who gave us information about our different projects through the e-twinning website.
After that we visited the Catalan metropole Barcelona so that we could make ourselves a picture of what we had discussed before. Discovering the city we were impressed by the variety of the fascinating culture and of curse by the architecture we had heard so much about.
What is more, the people, especially the students that we met when we visited our partner school, were very open minded and it was a joy to spend a week in such a special surrounding. After collecting all these impressions each of us presented his or her experiences in different ways: some showed their material by a powerpoint presentation, others interviewed each other in a dialog or just showed pictures of what they had seen.
All in all, each one of us has long lasting memories of this unique trip and the contact to a foreign country.
In the following you have the possibility to take a look at our  actual presentations of each group. We want to use this website for applying for the “eTwinning-Qualitätssiegel 2007/2008”

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